New Camera Strap

New Camera Strap

this is a new camera strap that was made for me from the wonderful ladies at Just Catch it. Please see them for any orders you have.


Just finished taking two photoshop classes online.  There is SO much to learn about these programs and what amazing editing you can do!  I bought my first purchase on Ebay of a lens and it should arrive between Monday and Wednesday!   What great new images I will be able to take with it.

Welcome To The GoldenEye Gab

Welcome and Thank you for visiting the Blog.  This site is just a little more one on one -vs- all the imformation and feeds you see on Facebook.  This is include my favorite vendors over time and examples of the variance of work I do.

Please feel free to leave a comment or contact my email and tag us to your facebook page if you like!

Have a fantastic day and an even better one tomorrow!